Fame comes with a price tag. Being in the public eye is not always exciting because there is a significant need to look presentable at all times. Everyone has a different meaning of the word presentable. While this is something that we common folk have control over, for celebrities, it is pretty much around the clock job to look properly dressed and look like they tried to be honest. The same rule automatically applies to celebrity children now.

Celebrity children are always in the limelight because the media never fails to find a way to capitalize on anything that is related to any celebrity. Gone are the days when pregnancies were a private family experience for the days of tabloid cover stories are in. When fashion is involved, the stakes get even higher because now there is absolutely no chance to look away. Who doesn’t like looking at well-dressed babies? Whether they are accompanying their famous parents to an event like an award show or premiere red carpet or simply even out on a lunch date; we just cannot seem to look away.

From oversized sweaters to bad haircuts to a complete mismatch galore, when it comes to our old family photos, it is safe to say that when it comes to outfitting choices, our parents did not always make the best picks. Considering how most people around us have had similar experiences in the past with dressing, for us, children in actually cute and fashionable designer wear is an alien concept, so the process of following children celebrity style is all the more fun and adorable. From North West to Prince George to Harper Beckham, here is what we can learn from some of the most fashionable celebrity babies of this generation.

– Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter


Blue Ivy, the daughter of Queen Beyonce and rap mogul, Jay Z, is more than just another celebrity baby. Apart from the status of her parents, Blue Ivy successfully managed to make everyone’s hearts melt with her charming smile and deliciously colorful outfits. Blue’s particular style revolves around fun, floral prints, and fluffy dresses. Her quirky but fun outfits are made up of mostly designer wear including Tom Ford, Chloe, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Blue also owns a personalized leather jacket with her name inscribed on the back.

Her parents are both known for sporting their own unique and distinct styles, so this progression was expected to say the least. Despite the cool, urban-inspired, and modern style of her parents, Blue Ivy’s style is a unique blend of classic, contemporary and peculiar which signifies that style is unique and evolves as the person ages.

– North West

North West


This list will be incomplete if we do not mention North West. The daughter of two of the biggest names of our generation, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was always destined to be in the public eye. North has managed to make waves in the world of fashion ever since she was merely a few months old. From Balmain to Givenchy to Appaman to Charlotte Olympia; North West has sported it all. She is often spotted on the front row of many runways accompanying her parents at Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, and Milan. Not only that, but North has also walked the runway with her aunt, esteemed model, Kendall Jenner, representing her father’s label, Yeezy. From fur coats to spike jacket to ruffled dresses to all black ensembles; simple yet trendy, her chic style is an absolute treat to watch.

– Harper Beckham

Harper Beckham


The youngest daughter of Victoria and David Beckham is one that has style running her in genes. With her mother being a designer herself, a model father and now two fashion model brothers, Harper Seven Beckham’s typical style is very feminine and girly. Often seen accompanying her mother to fashion shows, Harper sports trendy designer wear such as Burberry, Rachel Riley, Chloe, Baby Dior, Stella McCartney and many more. She is also said to have donned a Roberto Cavalli coat. Harper is said to pick her own outfits since a very young age. Girly yet statement, Harper’s style stands out in its own unique way.

– Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt


Shiloh is perhaps the most iconic out of the bunch because she has managed to make a very distinct style statement since a very young age. Shiloh has always been somewhat of a tomboy, and she has reflected that image with her dressing by always opting for more androgynous looks rather than conventional. Fashion is a form of self-expression and Shiloh’s bold fashion choices prove just that. Uniqueness is what makes fashion memorable, and Shiloh’s approach to dressing up is everything but ordinary. Fiercely independent, simple yet statement, Shiloh has been seen sporting loose-fitting band t-shirts, wide-legged camo pants, vibrant sneakers, and suits; truly iconic.

– Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince George and Princess Charlotte


The British royal babies are always in the limelight for everything including their fashionable outfits. While the dress code is formal for official appearances, the future heirs are often seen sporting casual attire that is just as gush-worthy as their formal wear. Prince George has been seen endorsing fewer formal pieces as well that are just as affordable as they are cute proving that being fashionable doesn’t always mean having to spend a fortune on it even though whether you are royalty or a commoner. Princess Charlotte is said to have a very classic and lady-like sense of style much like her mother. She has often seen sporting brands like Amaia Kids and Irula. Sophisticated yet timelessly chic, Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s style is one that will forever remain in style.
Whilst fashionable celebrity babies are an absolute delight to look at and follow, there is no denying the fact that the new generation of celebrity children and their style is paving the wave for more flexible fashion choices, i.e., one that is not restricted to succumb to the norms of gendered apparel or the standards of beauty for that matter.


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