It is no secret that girls love makeup. Whether it is a daily subtle makeup for a sophisticated look in office and college or whether it is a bold makeup for a glamorous look in parties and occasions, makeup is so much important.

Removing the chemical based makeup from your skin before sleeping is very important for its glow and health. Not doing so can lead to early aging, wrinkles, and dull & damaged skin. So doesn’t matter how much you are tired at the end of the day, it is your primary duty for your skin to remove your makeup and clean your face before sleeping.

You will get endless makeup tips from everyone but you are missing out on the most important advice ever for your skin.

How To Remove Makeup?

Use a cleanser first of all: To clean your foundation and blush you first need to use a good cleanser. Gently massage your face wherever you have applied the makeup and then let it be there for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, wipe your face with a clean cotton cloth. Make sure that through this process your cleanser is able to cleanse the maximum makeup.

Use cleansing oil if needed: After using a cleanser if you still feel that the makeup has not been removed completely then you should use cleansing oil. Cleansing oil helps in protecting the skin from being dry. Take a cotton pad or a cotton ball put some cleansing oil over it and swipe it across your face to cleanse. You need to apply this to every part of your face including the part under the chin, lips, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Use steam for a complete and easy makeup removal process: Steaming your face for a minute or two can open the pores which will help you in easy cleaning. This will give way to the cleanser to penetrate deeper and cleanse the skin. If you wish you can also put some essential oil in the water for more benefits.

Use toner, moisturizers, and serums after removing makeup: Once you are done with your clean-up, apply toner, moisturizers, and serums whatever suits your skin. Doing this will give the required nourishment to your face and you will wake up with fresh and glowing skin.

Few Important Tips

  • Don’t use baby wipes.
  • Keep your makeup-remover cotton pads by your bedside.
  • Take extra care while cleaning the eye makeup.
  • Use good eye makeup remover. Don’t skip toner and moisturizers after cleansing.
  • Most importantly buy the best makeup products available in the market.

The next morning you will wake up with a glowing skin which wouldn’t have been damaged the whole night with makeup. So, to make your skin feel fresh in the morning don’t forget your cleansing ritual at night.


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