Lehenga is an ankle-length traditional skirt that originated in India. It is a favorite attire during festivals. If you wish to buy an Indian Lehenga Online you happen to be at the right place. Go through our list of different types of Lehengas before zeroing in on which type to buy. Also, read the article to know from where you can buy it online.

13 Different Types of Indian Lehengas are:

  1. Ghagra – The earliest version of Lehenga is Ghagra. It is a narrow 6 ft. length skirt and is still donned by Jain nuns particularly in India.
  2. A-line Lehenga – It is nothing but an A-line skirt. It is tighter near the waist and gradually widens out at the base.
  3. Flared or Circular Lehenga – It consists of a round-shaped skirt having numerous pleats or layers to add to the volumes.
  4. Double-flared Lehenga – It is a kind of skirt with multiple layers, exceptional flare, and added volume.
  5. Mermaid Lehenga – Also popular as fish-tail Lehenga, it looks like the tail of a fish. It is fitted elegantly from the waist to the knees, then it gracefully flares and widens down the calves.
  6. Paneled Lehenga – It consists of various horizontal panels. These parallel panels of cloth are sewed together to generate a flare, giving rise to a fuller skirt. The horizontal piece of fabrics can be of identical or different sizes and shapes.
  7. Sharara Style Lehenga – It is a combination of flared trousers (known as palazzos nowadays), a kameez, and a dupatta.
  8. Straight Lehenga – Used on specific occasions this is a simple straight-cut skirt. It is devoid of any folds or pleats. Sometimes it comes with a side slit for effortless and comfortable movement.
  9. Trail Lehenga – It consists of an added piece of cloth stitched at the back of the skirt to create a unique trail.
  10. Half Saree Lehenga – This is a combination of a lehenga and a saree. This hassle-free attire does not need the folds to be made at the front like a saree. You just need to drape it around your waist and ultimately put the pallu across one shoulder like a saree.
  11. Lehengas with a jacket – This hassle-free easy to carry graceful attire apt for reception is gaining immense popularity nowadays. It looks amazing, and not at all awkward. The Lehengas come with long jackets having zardozi embroidery or fine weaving on fabrics like velvet. As only the border of the lehenga is noticeable through the jacket, the hem is adorned with heavy embroidery work or beautiful ornamental thread work or has broad laces.
  12. Ruffled Lehenga – It is basically a skirt with ruffles all over. This contemporary attire is light to carry if the frills are devoid of heavy embroidery or embellishment.
  13. Net or mesh Lehengas – These are skirts made of mesh or net. Such Lehengas are a craze nowadays because these are super light, offer a rich look, and any embroidery or print works great on them.

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