Fashion trends change year on year and it can get very hard to reassess your look every time it happens. Fashion is in a constant state of change. To change your look completely does not always mean changing everything, often it is the little change that we need to make to remain relevant and stylish. So what do we do when we are met with change? We change as well or we become obsolete. We all know an old fashion trend would come back into style. It’s hard to keep track of what’s coming back this year. Luckily we got your back!

Here are Top Fashion trends which will completely change your look.

Bike Shorts

bike shorts

Fashion has a tendency to reincarnate itself. It is not uncommon for a trend to reenter the spotlight after some decades, and this is precisely the case with Bike Shorts. What was cool in the eighties is getting cool again. Although there are a lot of negative vibes being spread about them, such as “only for size 0’s” pay no attention to them. The Bike Shorts are just the thing for a girl belonging to 2019 who is confident and proud of her body. So say yes to bike shorts and say no to stigmas.

African Prints

african prints

As mentioned at the start of this article, fashion today has synchronized. The fashion world has become cosmopolitan, cultures are bleeding with other cultures to create something alluring. African Prints are a perfect example of such a fusion; these prints have really captured the fashion audience attention around the globe. With its boldness and virility complimented by its raw aesthetic, it’s no wonder why the world has gone crazy after these prints. This summer, if you want to wear something classy and bold African prints, may help you satisfy that need.

Bamboo Bags:

bamboo bags

The craze behind bamboo bags is not going anywhere anytime soon. These purses are super cute and super lively. With winter almost gone, these little angels are something that every girl would want to get their hands on this spring. With a little white dress, the natural beauty of these bags would exemplify and illuminate the room.

Over Sized Frames

Layer clothes

A woman’s eyes and beauty can often be used as synonyms, therefore, women and glasses just naturally fit together. For 2019, oversized frames are the thing you want to get to match those beautiful pearls, whether it is for reading glasses or sunglasses, these frames can make you look both sexy and smart depending on how you want to leverage them. Wear these little angels with a stunning little white dress and you will definitely see heads turning around wherever you may go.

Wrap dresses

wrap dress

These are going to be the hottest thing in summer of 2019. A wrap dress is a perfect example of effortless dressing while still looking stunning, elegant and beautiful. You can wear it with your skinny jeans underneath or with your leather boots on your feet, either way, a wrap dress would not let you down. So much beauty with some much comfort, surely a wrap dress would serve you well and can become your new look.

Tortoise jewelry

How can write an article on fashion and not mention jewelry? Tortoise jewelry has been creating a lot of buzzes lately and is set to be one of the hottest jewelry fashion trends in 2019. These things have a tendency to provide a fun and quirky aura to any outfit you decide to wear. With its unique and mesmerizing color any type of jewelry would look beautiful may it be earrings or necklace.

Fashion has a way of surprising people. When a new fashion trend arrives, some people may find it awkward and weird, but with time, almost every person starts to follow that trend. However, most fashion trends are so popular that they make a comeback once in a while.


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