Eyelash extensions are the false lashes that give a different & attractive look to your eyes. This is the most upbeat trend in the market which as of now doesn’t look a turn. The internet shows you a lot of different types of eyelashes to confuse you. This blog helps you to identify the 2 major types of eyelashes, i.e. Natural & Artificial eyelashes. The top 5 are here as follows.

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Natural Eyelash Extensions:

1. Mink Eyelash Extensions:

Mink Eyelashes are the most popular and used by celebrities, actors, etc. Mink Eyelashes have a natural look. It looks like your natural lashes upgraded version. Mink eyelashes being made from real hair tends to make them much lighter and lasts much longer as being light they are not much heavy on your real lashes. You could get the best Mink Eyelashes over candylove.

2. Sable Eyelash Extensions:

Sable Eyelashes are similar to mink eyelashes. Sable eyelashes are named after the forest animal from Siberia and Russia. It has soft dark brown and black fur which is used to make the sable eyelash extensions. Sable Eyelashes are the thinnest eyelashes recommended for people with thin eyelashes. Also, Sable Eyelashes are not easy to get in the normal market or salon.

Artificial Eyelash Extensions:

3. Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions:

Faux Mink Eyelashes are the artificial Mink Eyelashes. They do have a synthetic material making but too difficult to differentiate from the real as they are really soft and real hair like feel. They do have one more benefit of holding the curl being wet, unlike Mink Eyelashes.

4. Silk Eyelash Extensions:

Silk Eyelashes are the easiest to maintain a type of eyelashes. Silk eyelashes are made of plastic fibre called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). These are much cheaper than the Mink Eyelashes and also much easy to maintain as you can wash up, bath, sleep or do your daily work. Still, being this good at this low rate it is hard to purchase as it is not yet available everywhere.

5. Synthetic Lashes:

Synthetic Lashes are the cheapest but the boldest artificial set of eyelashes. They are the thickest and darkest in lashes segment which makes them stand unique. These are the perfect choice for some occasion or party if you want to get everyone’s eyes on you. Also being thick and dark there isn’t a need of mascara or any other touch ups.


These were the top 5 types of eyelashes. Considering the age group the old group should not consider the synthetic lashes as they are heavy and thick. You could purchase the professionally used eyelashes and other cosmetic products over candylove. Also, keep following Fashion Diva Style for fashion and makeup blogs.


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