Cutting your hair short is just the first step. Whether it’s down to pixie-length or just to your ears, you can still take it further when you try these short hairstyles. After deciding on a hairstyle, you may think it’s over but if you really want your hair to turn heads, here are seven hacks that will be sure to add to how good your hair looks.

Learn To Use Your Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to your hair, how you treat it is very important. Your hair is the foundation of it all and no matter what you do, your hair will turn out bad. Short hair is a lot different from long hair. Your scalp is more accessible, which means that you can apply shampoo easily to it. Depending on the condition of your scalp, you may vary your shampoo choices. Oily scalps need more cleaning while dry scalps need moisturizing.

Additionally, conditioners are also easier to use since there’s less to cover. Don’t over apply your conditioner though. Just apply enough to cover the hair that you have.

Braids Can Do A Lot

When people think of braids, the first thing that comes to mind is long hair. However, short hair with a lot of volumes can be enough to work with braids. A small french braid in the back can look like a stylish bun while a fishtail braid can keep the hair on your sides behaving. Short braids can be nice if you want a youthful look to your hair.

Curl It Up

You may want your hair to hang free. One of the ways to ensure that short hair is looking more stylish when left alone is curls. You can part your hair to one side and apply the curling iron to it. The curls will give the smaller partition a slanted frame while the bangs can produce a spiraling wave of hair that is definitely striking. If you’re naturally curly, just leave your short hair to grow a bit and style it to give the illusion of volume.

Make A Mess

The great thing about short hair is that it can be very low-maintenance. Just jump out of bed run a comb or brush through it and you should be fine. For those who want to look a bit wild, this is a great look. However, if you want a bit more control, you can tease the hair up a bit and create a messy bun. It gives a casual and cool look that shows that you do care a bit about your hair but you’re willing to be more carefree. Gel and hairspray can also be helpful if you want a more spiky look and your hair is shorter.

Sleep In Knots

Similarly, if you want to just jump out of bed with your curls, put in the effort of tying your hair into four separate sections. Just twist them up until you get four mini buns and keep them in place with elastic. Wear a scarf over it overnight for protection. When you wake up, just take off the elastic and comb carefully to untwist the knots. The result is natural curls that are hard to beat.


Your short hair has less hair to get in the way of accessories. This is why it is best to use some to emphasize or decorate them. The most basic is the headband. It keeps the hair out of your eyes and gives you that professional and put-together look if you’re planning to go to work. For something more bohemian, you may want to try a scarf or a turban. These protect your hair and give an illusion of volume to short hair. Other accessories might be up your alley so try them out.

Go Up

An updo can give your hair a bit more heft. Whether it is combined with braids or accessories, it pulls attention to your hair and if properly done can be very stylish. Plus, it’s pretty simple – just pull your hair up and back. Keep it in place with pins or a variety of accessories and you should be fine.

Enjoy Your Short Hair

Having short hair doesn’t mean that you can’t play with styles or make them more exciting. Experiment and see what you can come up with on your own so that your look can become unique and striking.


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