There are so many ways we can care for our skin from products on the market, to our daily living routines, and even to natural ways. Men’s skin care doesn’t have to be confusing and exhausting. Our skin is by far the largest organ that we as humans have, therefor it should be well taken care of properly.

Facial and Skin Types: How to Detect Your Skin Type

We all have different facial types though how can we say what everyone needs is the exact same? We can’t the first step in taking care of our skin would be to know what type of skin you have to care for. Is your face naturally seemingly normal, oily, dry, or maybe a combination?

This is where you start with finding skin care products for your face, determining the skin type then finding out if you have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin you may get wind chapped easily or find that shaving irritates you rather quicker than other men. You may find certain soaps and shampoos that get on your face burn or cause redness.

These are all signs of sensitive skin and would tell you if you need a more sensitive skin care product and routine.

Proper Grooming Is ESSENTIAL!

The next thing to help your skin stay healthy in the winter is proper grooming. This is especially the case for bearded gentlemen. Make sure you are trimming your beard at least bi-daily with a good trimmer. Once that’s taken care of, or if you are clean shaven, you can move on to taking care of the exposed skin.

Cleaning your skin is very important, to rid your body of any toxicities on the skin as well as helping your body get rid of dead skin cells.  This is also where knowing your skin type comes in handy.

Finding the right facial cleansers is a big deal. You don’t want a product with harsh chemicals or something that may leave you feeling like you are wearing grease all over.

Having oily skin and choosing a skin care product meant for someone with dry skin can have you feeling just that, so remember to find out your skin type first.

Use gentle exfoliators to help with dead skin and moisture washes to help keep moisture locked in as you clean.  Once you are done with your cleansing routine you can use a moisture cream, and follow up with sunscreen.

Sunscreen is needed all year not just summer and should be a part of your everyday routine. You don’t need SPF 100, but something mild that can help keep your face protected from the sun in the slightest.

Keep ChapStick in your pocket, it is the single best way to help keep lips from becoming too dry and chapped in the winter. It is best to start your winter skin care in mid-fall as the temperatures start to set in for winter.  This helps to keep skin protected and prepared for the winter weather.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Facial skin needs added hydration and moisture during the winter to keep it smooth and help protect it from the winds, changing cold temperatures outside, and heat inside.

Most guides tell you that the first thing needed is a mask or skin serum, but the truth is more natural than that. Water is our number one source of staying hydrated and keeping our skin moisturized.

Start with making sure you are consuming enough water through-out every day. This will help your skin and body in many ways, and sure to help you stay healthier.

Don’t forget vitamin E as part of your skin hydration technique. This wonder drug is a cure-all for your skin.

Use a humidifier in your home, this will help keep the air from becoming too dry and drying your skin more. Humidifiers also help with cold and flu season, breathing, and many other health aspects.

Having a humidifier helps with keeping the air crisp and clean and will help with keeping odors at bay.

How To Choose Your Products

Most websites and search results looked up on line want to beat you down with products and while some are great products, not all of them are needed for you.

You don’t want to overdo your skin care routine or use too much product.

The best way to know what your skin needs is to make an appointment with a dermatologist and see what they find best for your skin.

A dermatologist can help you find a routine that works best for you and that will protect and prepare your skin from summer sunny days to those days where it feels like the Arctic is closing in around us.

Skin Care Checklist:

Remember the keys to healthy skin and facial complexion for men are:

  1. To stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  2. Know your skin type, which helps you to avoid using the wrong product.
  3. Practice proper grooming which rids the body of toxins and keeps you healthy and clean.
  4. Make a routine for daily skin preparation if you don’t have one.
  5. Invest in a humidifier if necessary, to keep your home from becoming too dry.
  6. If you struggle too much or you are in doubt, it never hurts to seek help from a professional.


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