A ghagra choli, similarly recognized as a lehenga choli, is a customary outfit for ladies. It is generally tattered for festivals or Wedding season and it is derived in three parts i.e., a skirt, choli, and dupatta. Ghagra cholis can be prepared from of silk, cotton and at times polyester. While dressing in one may be challenging for women’s who are first-timers. Therefore, below are tips which will definitely help you out in putting on Ghagra choli for this Wedding season:

Choosing a Ghagra Choli

Different lehengas with body type

Define your body shape:
Everyone has a dissimilar dimension and shape; examine yourself what kind of curves you might or may possibly not have. Body forms can array from rectangular, curved, pear formed, to an hourglass. Stopover a homegrown dress window-shop, or study to know your body form.

  • Body figures can be dogged by bust, belly, and hip sizes.
  • Recognize your problematic parts as well as your affirmative ones.

Choose what kind of ghagra choli you’d like for this Wedding season:

There are additional ceremonial styles as well as modern wear. Daily styles are generally prepared with meek cotton, whereas more stylish styles have decorative beading, equilaterals, needlework, and design. Ghagra cholis frequently emanate in dissimilar materials, instigating them to be graceful or heftier contingent on the kind of cloth. There are similarly many dissimilar variations of colors. Catch a color which matches your skin and one that makes you view out in the finest way.

  • Recognize the allegory backside the colors.
  • Select the appropriate ghagra choli confiding on your body form.
  • Select a broad, chock-full ghagra for a rectangular or sporty body form. The twosome with a plummeting blouse to generate the impression of bends.
  • Costume an A-line Ghagra for an hourglass figure. Select fluid materials, and match with a petite choli to display off your belly.
  • Pick a jacket Ghagra choli for a curved or weighty body form. Leveling materials will assist your body. Take care to have an extensive neckline to retain the fabric from narrowing you and tallying needless weight.

Buy the ghagra choli:

  • Usually, you can purchase them from stores in as well as online.
  • Ghagra choli could also be modified in accordance with preference. Inquire an expert tailor or else seamstress to modify the sleeve into a half, full or sleeveless according to your choice.
  • The blouses can too be premeditated to be back-off or with dissimilar necklines to counterpart your body.

Guidelines how to wear a Ghagra Choli

Pink embroidered net unstitched ghagra choli for wedding

Wear undergarments along with a tank top:

Sometimes, materials might be sheer and see-through; therefore tiring backing and surplus breathable undergarments could make you relaxed all over the day. Ruminate tiring a bra and underwear which are alike in color to the ghagra choli.
Select undergarments which are formed appropriate and helpful.

Place on the choli (blouse) first:

Sometimes, they might have to be closed up. Further cholis could be stuck together with knobs. Beware with the fabric when zipping or joining hooks as the fabric is very subtle and can damage simply.
The choli must be fitted and gratifying to your body form.

Blunder on the ghagra like you usually would garb a skirt:

If it is not flexible and does not grasp on to your midriff, tie the string. With effort and rejoicing, the strings will incline to release. Validate to securely stiffen it thus you won’t have any unsuitable accidents.

Draping the dupatta

Link the dupatta on your wrist

Swathe the dupatta, or scarf, over the neck or shoulders:

It could also be organized on only one shoulder. There are numerous choices for swathing the dupatta, so select the appropriate draping to match your countryside and dress. Meanwhile, ghagra cholis are frequently very luxurious, recognizing numerous swathing styles for your dupatta can aid you to convert it into a wholly novel style and dress. You will require security pins confiding on the style you select. You might also require help from an additional person to precisely shutter the dupatta.

Link the dupatta on your wrist:

Carry the material behindhand your back, and crease the dupatta on your right arm, and amend the span of the pallu (extra material on further end) to drop under the knees. pin it properly. This grace is a modest yet sophisticated style of draping, which permits you to require a good deportment as you will continuously have somewhat in your hand.

Put the dupatta on your right shoulder and unevenly pleat it thus that it shelters your chest, parting the left shoulder bare:

Collect the leftover dupatta on the former end, and gather the angle into your left side wait. Carry the movable side nearby your stomach from your right shoulder, and gather it into the similar left hip, overlying the preceding tucked in the fabric. This permits your waist to seem slim and cover your problematic areas.

Accessorizing your Ghagra Choli

accessories ghagra choli

Many women relish wearing similar bangles along with their ghagra choli. Pick colors which will match the colors on your clothing. If there are gold particulars on your clothing, wear a decorative necklace and earrings to far-reaching your outfit.


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