Jewelry is one of the prized possession for any woman out there. Especially, women these days prefer to have a separate jewelry wardrobe where they love to collect different forms of jewelry. It is not always possible to wear gold, platinum or diamond jewelry in every place you go. The only savior this time is to go for imitation jewelry which goes really well as a part of everyday wear. Imitation jewelry is something that is highly in trend these days. One of the most common forms of imitation jewelry is sterling silver, which is highly popular these days. Some of the must-have artificial jewelry made of sterling silver that you should keep in your wardrobe are as follows-


One of the most important jewelry pieces for your wardrobe is a neckpiece. Be it a contemporary piece or an antique imitation jewelry piece, necklaces complete your look. Especially if you are planning to attend a wedding, a girl’s night out or an office event where you don’t feel like wearing a gold or diamond necklace, imitation jewelry can be your only savior. Sterling silver offers an array of options when it comes to necklaces. Each piece is unique and exquisitely designed to make it look elegant and classy at the same time. Imitation jewelry for the wedding or for a formal party made of sterling silver is ideal to compliment almost all of your attire.


Studs are always good to go with office attire or to complete any sort of formal look. It is the ideal jewelry piece that is perfect when you opt for a minimalist look. Usually, studs made of sterling silver have that cool tone that suits any skin tone. From studs in the shape of pin dots to big ones- studs are always a perfect accessory as a part of your daily wear.


Not always you can wear bracelets made of white or yellow gold for any party or wedding. Bracelets made of sterling silver can come in a variety of styles, shape and designs. While some of the bracelets have the bohemian look others are contemporary and sleek enough to complete your everyday attire. Sterling silver bracelets are always a necessity to complete your jewelry wardrobe even when it comes to imitation jewelry. It gives a sense of complete look to your wrist and matches your attire seamlessly. Sterling silver has its own luster and shine which can make a bracelet look even more beautiful. You can always get the best of bracelets from retail stores, online jewelry stores or sterling silver bracelets wholesale market. An array of options are there for you to choose according to your budget.


One of the classy jewelry pieces that you must have is a pair of hoops. Imitation jewelry comes handy when there is a fear of losing valuable jewelry like gold or diamond. Yet, you need to wear something that looks classy on you. Sterling silver is a good option that you can try in these scenarios. From small to midsize hoops made of sterling silver, it is always suitable as imitation jewelry for wedding, cocktail party or a brunch with your friends.

Cocktail ring

Cocktail ring on your fingers is what that can make your look unique even when you are standing in a crowd. It is a statement piece that every woman loves to own these days. It is not always possible to get cocktail tails made of precious stones studded on it. So, even if you are falling short of cash to afford a cocktail ring studded with precious stones, sterling silver ring is your ideal option to go with.


One of the most popular antique imitation jewelry that goes well with your evening gowns or any classy outfit is a brooch. Brooch made of sterling silver is always a good idea to go with. You can sport any gown or ruffled dress with the brooch on it to create a unique look. For women, who wish to collect different types of artificial jewelry in their wardrobe, the brooch is one of the most common ones to go with. The brooch is also a piece of suitable imitation jewelry for a wedding that has been popular since ages.


Sterling silver bangles are always a hit amongst women of any age group. It is something that gives you a sleek elegant look and compliments your attire. Often, it becomes the contrasting accessory that adds flair to your look. Bangles made of sterling silver is an integral part of bridal imitation jewelry these days. You can get simple ones with minimal design on it or the exquisite heavy ones with beautiful designs engraved on it. Bangles go well with both traditional and western wear and thereby is a piece of very common imitation jewelry that can become a must have for your wardrobe.


Women often tend to collect different types of pendants for their jewelry wardrobe. It is a great option to mix and match for your evening dinner parties or a formal event at work. When it comes to pendants, sterling silver offers you an array of options to choose from. You can also get your customized pendants from jewelry stores that offer you genuine sterling silver accessories at an affordable rate. It is an additional option for your necklace collection that can be the perfect standout piece of jewelry even after years.

These are some of the common forms of imitation jewelry made of sterling silver that is preferred by women of all age groups. Be sure of the authenticity of the jewelry from where you are purchasing and do not forget to check the hallmark on it. Reputed places will be able to show you a variety of options based on your budget and help you to get the right piece for yourself. Hypoallergenic in nature, affordable, durable, easy to maintain and also stylish at the same time- sterling silver jewelry is something women love to go for these days.


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