Do you have short, sparse, brittle or weak lashes? Women nowadays are trying to do everything they can to boost their lash growth and to enjoy a voluminous outcome. Luckily, living in modern society allows us to play around with many different concoctions in order to achieve visible results, sometimes even overnight! These solutions make the whole battle of lash growth bearable since you know that there are always many other tips & tricks that you can try out. If you want to enjoy feminine and flirty lashes a few days from now, you should look into our top 5 solutions, recommendations, and DIY options.

1. Brown Mascara

brown mascara

Some beauty experts and makeup artists believe that you should reach for a brown mascara in order to enjoy stunning lashes. You should go for your favorite black mascara and apply it to your top lashes, but then reach for a brown mascara and apply it to your lower lashes. This way of application will provide a lot more definition to your eyes, and they will look naturally defined and curved.

PRO TIP: Once you are done wearing your makeup and you entirely remove it at the end of the day make sure you massage your eyelids.

This helps with your circulation and the blood flow, which will encourage your lash growth.

Results: You can enjoy stunning and defined lashes right away. Although it is not a permanent solution, it is great for beginners and those women who need overnight help.

Price: You will need to invest in 2 different types of mascara (black & brown). Also, make sure these both have volume boosting properties. This can cost you anywhere from $10-50.

2. Check Your Diet

healthy diet

The right food filled with protein and vitamins will boost your hair and nail growth. Try to eat a lot of fish, eggs, beans, and soy protein since all of these will boost your lash growth. If possible, you should also reach for vitamin B complex or for some omega 3 fatty acids in a form of a pill, or you can find it in salmon. Proper nutrition, as well as a lot of water, will give you beautiful results in three fields: hair, skin, and nails, which makes this solution 3 in 1 sort of a deal.

Results: It can take 2-3 weeks for you to notice a drastic difference in your growth department. If you are someone who needs overnight results know that this isn’t it. However, it is a long-lasting solution which will help out your entire body.

Price: You can’t really put a tag on a healthy lifestyle. However, the more you invest, the better results you’ll probably receive.

3. Lemon Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil can help, protect, condition and lengthen your natural lashes. You can add a few drops of olive oil and lemon oil to make a natural antiseptic for your lashes. Make sure your mixture is small enough and that it can cover your eyelash region, no reason to waste the product or to create a hefty amount. You should mix these two ingredients each night and apply all the way up to your roots. Make sure you rinse out in the morning with warm water.

Results: You can expect to notice some difference in 7-10 days. However, it is very important to stay consistent.

Price: Very cheap and ideal if you are on a budget since how much can a bottle of oil and some lemon cost?

4. Lash Growth Serums

lash extension

A lash-boosting serum is the best solution if you are not into DIY experiments. This serum comes in a small bottle which you should apply each night all the way to your root. Lash boosting serums are mostly safe for everyone, no matter their skin or lash type. Women prefer these because they can be purchased at a pharmacy or drugstore, which makes them reliable and safe to use.

Results: Unfortunately, these serums can take up too much of your time & patience. Although they are quite reliable, it is very important to stay persistent with their use. If you do, you will spot the results in 1-2 months, but you will maintain them as well.

Price: The serum itself can range anywhere from $5-50.

5. Lash Extensions

eyelash growth

Lastly, a solution that every woman has heard off are lash extensions. These are applied on top of your natural ones with a set of tweezers and an adhesive. Once done, lash extensions can look like your own, and will last you for quite some time. These are ideal if you are into bold and feminine lashes, and if you are impatient and you cannot wait to see the results. They can pass as your natural ones, and will look feminine 24/7, without any mascara.

Results: Lash extensions will last you for 3-5 weeks. After that, you will have to get them refilled. These are ideal if you need overnight glamour.

Price: They can range anywhere from $30-150. However, they are very long-lasting and semi-permanent.



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