Whatever you’re wearing, however, you’re wearing your hair, strangely it’s the shoes that seem to matter. Your choice of footwear speaks volumes about your style, although, of course, it is also the whole package that matters.

If you’re looking at having a style overhaul or maybe getting a new wardrobe for the new year, shoes will no doubt be on your mind. After all, how can you have a cool new look without a pair of awesome boots, killer heels or fresh sneakers?

Finding Your Style

Many of us set our style in our late adolescent years and then adapt our image over the years. Many things have an impact on your general style, with what you wear largely being defined by your background and local environment. Whether by nationality, music taste, disposable income, or even your peers, you’ll find that you fit a particular style mold. Sorry.

Another important aspect of your style is your personality. People with confidence and creativity will tend to wear more daring colors or designs, perhaps even wear items of clothing that might be deemed a bit ‘out there’.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a wallflower and playing it safe. If that’s your style, then embrace it!

But of course, changing your style does make a big difference to you how you feel about yourself and your outward personal statement. Looking to get out and have more fun in life? You’ll probably ditch the boring blacks and start going for colorful bomber jackets and leopard print knee-high boots…

Carrying Yourself

The way you carry yourself is of course very heavily linked to your footwear. Of course, if you’re on your feet in town, at work or socially, your footwear needs to be both comfortable and stylish.

So in effect good footwear is the backbone of your style. It is literally the platform that carries the rest of your outfit and your very being – so shoes do matter.

With that in mind, what shoes should you wear?

Shoes That Tell A Story

The footwear of course has to grab your attention in the shop (or online store) for you to buy it in the first place. So already, your choice of footwear has done one thing and has spoken to you.

Besides comfort, price and initial impressions, what is it we look for in our footwear?

For a start, our footwear needs to be in keeping with our overall style. But we obviously have footwear for different sides of our lives.

Work Shoes

Work shoes often need to fit the dress code of your workplace, so you might be required to stick to formal or smart footwear for most of your working days. However, the modern trend for casual offices means more and more people wear whatever they want to the office; adding more pressure to choose footwear that says something about you.

Brands like Carvela, Dune and Clark’s are reliably solid work shoe brands with plenty of options for adding a bit of personality to your feet.

Party Shoes

Your Friday night footwear will be something else altogether. Sassy, cool, funky, sexy – may be a bit of all of the above. Your party shoes (or at least your social shoes) are really where you let your hair down and express yourself, these are fun shoes after all. They will need to match much of your outfits too of course.

Glitzy heels, stylish limited edition trainers, epic boots, pretty much everything is fair game when it comes to party footwear. The more glam the better, so finding your party footwear style is limited only by your inspiration and your imagination.

Casual Shoes

But it’s our daily wearers that are where our hearts lie. The shoes you wear to meet friends for a coffee, or whenever you just need to pop to the shops, the shoes you grab when you’re off on vacation because they’re super comfortable.

Popular sneaker brands like Vans and Nike are what springs to mind here. However, a new approach to eco-friendly and super comfortable footwear has spawned several new wool sneaker brands. Newer-to-market options like Baabuk wool sneakers have been growing as consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their shoes on the world around them, meaning the supply chain rather than the streets.

Baabuk wool sneakers have been designed to be made from eco-friendly materials, support manufacturers communities and be biodegradable. So you’re not just getting comfy shoes but making a statement about your global viewpoint.

Shoes Matter

The conclusion here is that shoe matter. Your choice of footwear says much about who you are. Just take a look at any gossip column and see how often the shoes of celebs are mentioned.

You don’t need to go crazy and have a whole rack with a shoe for every mood. Just choose dependable footwear that you love and you’ll have made your statement perfectly.


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