Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well and had a blast this festive season.

Before any festive season every one of us gets busy shopping and finding the most exclusive and stunning outfits, getting a new hairstyle and so on…
You might also witness your newsfeeds getting clogged with innumerable pictures of your friends showing off their new looks, isn’t it?

Now a perfect look is not only about the clothes you wear but it also includes footwear, makeup and accessories as well. Among all these, picking up the right pair of shoes to go with your outfit is the basic and most important rule to look fashionable.

But it’s not possible for us to buy footwear for every new dress we choose to wear.

So, I am going to list fifteen different footwear that will pretty much go with every outfit you ever buy be it western or traditional.

1. Stilettos

These are high heels and best suited for the formal outfits. Given that it’s a bit tough to walk in these, they are always topping the list of must have footwear. They go with corporate trousers, skirts, dresses and even with a pair of jeans if you pair it up with a solid blouse and blazer. For formal purposes colors like maroon, black and grey are preferred.

2. Wedges

Perfect heels if you aren’t really comfortable walking in stilettos. They are much easier to balance on and give you a very smart look. You can pair it up with shorts, summer dresses, skirts, half jumpsuits, dungarees and pretty much everything that falls under a casual outfit.
And wedges are definitely not a good idea for an interview.

3. Mules

This is the style of shoe where the back of the foot is exposed and back in the sixteenth century they were used as slippers. With time great variations of mules have caught every designer’s sight and now it is one of the most wanted and stylish shoes of all times.

4. Loafers

They are a kind of slip-on shoes. Too comfortable and looks too smart if styled in the right way. They are basically flat and one of the most stylish casual shoes that add a little more spice to your daily look. You can wear them with a pair of chinos and sweater when you are up for an office meeting or even with a pair of jeans for a casual look.

5. Ankle Boots

They are the must have shoes especially for the winter days. They provide warmth as well as the dashing and edgy look. Pair them with jeans, dresses, trousers and any western outfit you like. Try buying them in black, brown, tan or any other neutral colors so that you can wear them with pretty much everything.

6. Ballerinas

Also known as belly shoes are of the most trending, comfortable and beautiful shoes for women these days. They are again very versatile footwear that goes with any western outfit and makes you look very elegant. Neutral colors are preferred with formal solid dresses, you can also try printed or lacy ballerinas that would definitely look amazing with summer dresses or bright crop tops and skirts for a day look.

7. Sport shoes

Sport shoes are something every woman should have in their closet. Doesn’t matter if you go for running everyday or hit the gym regularly, you can also wear them when you are going for jogging, a casual walk or doing some warm-ups and exercises. Sport shoes are always preferred when you are participating in any kind of outdoor games so it’s better to have one with you.

8. Sneakers

They are quite similar to the sports shoes but they are also available in casuals, flats, exclusively for summer and so much more. They are very comfortable and go with jeans, shorts, dungarees and even with dresses. They look best with t-shirt dresses and it’s a perfect day look when paired with sunglasses. You can also get a hipster look if you pair it up with high rise jeans, a casual tees and a black leather jacket. They are one of my personal favorites.

9. Jutti

They are Indian footwear that is most common in the northern regions of our country. They are traditional shoes made from leather and fine threads. Extremely delicate and fine embroidery makes it unique and high on demand. Inspired by Indian royalty these are modified by Indian designers and is a must-have.

10. Kolhapuri Chappals

Simplicity at its best. This is the best way to describe the kolhapuri chappals that are extremely simple yet stylish and goes with ethnic outfits. You can wear them with kurtas and jeans, salwar kameez and other Indian outfits. They are handmade and tanned using vegetable dyes.

11. Gladiators

A very complex looking footwear yet makes you look smart and fashionable if paired with a perfect dress or a tank top and a pair of shorts. They are strappy shoes that go up to a person’s knee. They are available in many shapes and sizes so choose the perfect one for you and give yourself a ramp ready look.

12. Brogues

They are low heeled shoes that are mainly famous for the decorative perforations (also known as broguing). They are made up of leather and very much appropriate for business meetings. They are stylish, comfortable and also very sophisticated at the same time. Various styles of brogues are toe-cap style, monk strap, Derby, Oxford and many more….

13. Flip flops

The most comfortable footwear of all time. Isn’t it? These are the best footwear when you are tired of wearing those high heels on the business meetings or those covered boots on the chilly winter days. Apart from wearing them at home you can also wear them with a casual outfit especially a beachwear or when you are too tired to care about fashion and just want to relax your feet.

14. Sandals

Since I already mentioned wedges before platform sandals are what I am going to say would occupy some space in your wardrobe. They are high heels that will make you look mesmerizing once you are able to walk in this footwear. Any outfit that goes with your stilettos goes with this one too.

15. Ugg boots

Another kind of footwear to keep you warm on those winter days. Originated from Australia and New Zealand and now globally famous, the best uggs are made from finest material and one of the most expensive shoes you are going to have.


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