Facial massage is considered to be an important part of daily routine if you wish to transform your skin into rejuvenated as well as glowing one. Also, there is a specific routine for the facial massage which is needed to be followed.

The first thing which usually comes to your mind when the words ‘spending my time’ or ‘pamper’ comes to your mind is getting a relaxing massage done.

When it comes to getting a message, then you are actually more biased towards the body as well as the head. But, it should not be forgotten that your face is equally important and undergoes a lot of stress throughout the day. So, it always requires pampering.

Importance Of Face Massages

Face massages are in huge trend these days. Massaging your face is considered to be very much relaxing and it can easily tone your skin as well as removes the toxins from it. Along with that, it can also efficiently boost your blood circulation and thereby giving a brilliantly radiant glow to your skin.

Not only that, but it also contributes to reducing the signs of aging which can distress you.

How To Do Face Massage?

• First of all, you should clean your hands in a proper manner before giving yourself a facial massage. This is because nobody wants that the bacteria present on your hands get onto your face and thereby leading to an eventual breakout.

• Along with that, for this massage routine, you eventually need to apply some olive oil or moisturizer so, that the face stays hydrated. You should tap gently all over your face with the help of your fingers and that too at a fast pace.

It should be drumming up a nice beat. Basically, this is a kind of warm-up which relaxes as well as soothe your facial muscles. So, prepping up your face for a good massage ahead is always required.

• You need to take some amount of moisturizer and then spread it over the tips of all your fingers. Along with that, you should also place your fingers on your forehead and then move them in a zigzag motion.

In this way, you need to stretch your skin in opposite directions. With the help of this, usually, the tensed muscles present on your forehead are relaxed. Along with that, it also contributes to smoothen frown lines as well as tighten pores if present. Do this thing for about 8 to 10 times.

• After that, you should start pressing your head temples with the help of your middle as well as the index finger. In this way, you should move slowly from the left to right in a kind of circular motion.

As a result, the stress, as well as tension in your forehead, will be further reduced with the help of it and thereby helping you to relax. This thing is needed to be continuously repeated for about 30 seconds.

• Eyebrows are also needed to be gently pinched a couple of times. This helps to boost the flow of blood in your head and so, it is considered to be a great stress buster. Proper massaging of your eyebrows generally stimulates the growth of your eyebrows and also helps your face to relax.

• Along with that, your under eyes should also be taken care of well. For this, you need to take some amount of the moisturizer and then move your ring finger in a “U” motion across your under eyes.

But, it is required to make sure that too much pressure should not be applied. This procedure helps to increase the flow of blood in that region and also reduce puffiness under your eyes.

• Also, place four fingers on your cheekbones and start moving them in a kind of upward strokes. So, you need to start from mainly the center of your cheekbones to the top. This will preferably help your skin to take a breather from the constantly applied pressure of being pulled down.

This occurs mainly due to the force of gravity. Thus, by increasing the blood circulation in that specific area, it will contribute to give a soft touch and pink glow to your cheeks.

• Last but not the least; you need to rub across your jawline in a kind of downward motion with all your fingers. This should be done by looking upwards.

Also, you should make sure that you drag your fingers from your jaw up to your collarbone. This will contribute to flush out all the toxins from your face and thereby helping your face to relax further. This is needed to be done for about 5 to 10 minutes.


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