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Embracing the fashion trends and the need for innovation!

Embracing The Fashion Trends And The Need For Innovation!

When we want fashion advice for women, a trip to the public library may not be our first thought. In the fashion industry, the “HAPPENING”, with the substantial enthusiasm and the lasting long in...
Shoes In Your Style Statement

How Important Are Shoes In Your Style Statement?

Whatever you’re wearing, however, you’re wearing your hair, strangely it’s the shoes that seem to matter. Your choice of footwear speaks volumes about your style, although, of course, it is also the whole package...
vintage bridal dress

5 Tips To Create The Vintage Bride Look

Weddings are fun. The vibrant colors, the energy in the air with family and friends all around to rejoice and cherish the wonderful union of two people is just ecstatic. When it comes to...
smiling girl

Your Smile is a Fashion Accessory – Do These to Maintain it

A beautiful smile makes you feel great. Smiling is considered the SI unit or universal sign of happiness, as it is found in every culture, or country in the world. A smile is thus a...
Bridal makeup

Lehenga Choli Tips And How To Dress Them Up In This Wedding Season

A ghagra choli, similarly recognized as a lehenga choli, is a customary outfit for ladies. It is generally tattered for festivals or Wedding season and it is derived in three parts i.e., a skirt,...

5 Reasons To Gift Loved Ones A Locket

Lockets are pendants that open up to reveal space that can be used for the storage of photographs, messages or other items of small size. They signify a greater message than being a neckpiece...
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