Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Gym-Friendly Hairstyles

6 Gym-Friendly Hairstyles You Should Try Today

A lot of women tend to have busy schedules each day. Workout in the morning, lunch dates, business meetings in the afternoon, and the list goes on. If you are one of these women,...
A Guide to Styling Yourself This Spring

A Guide to Styling Yourself This Spring

When spring arrives, it is time to pop up some stylish outfits as you enjoy the longer daylights. This spring is no exception. However, you will need to strike a good balance with what...
outdated fashion you should avoid now

8 Outdated Fashion Rules That You Should Stop Following Right Away

While rules often help us do things the right way, it is also true that a lot of them are made to be broken. When it comes to fashion, breaking the so-called restrictive rules...

5 Reasons To Gift Loved Ones A Locket

Lockets are pendants that open up to reveal space that can be used for the storage of photographs, messages or other items of small size. They signify a greater message than being a neckpiece...
Bridal makeup

Lehenga Choli Tips And How To Dress Them Up In This Wedding Season

A ghagra choli, similarly recognized as a lehenga choli, is a customary outfit for ladies. It is generally tattered for festivals or Wedding season and it is derived in three parts i.e., a skirt,...
women high waist shorts

Stylish Ways to Wear High Waist Shorts You Must Try

Hey, my lovely fashion divas! How are you? Are you enjoying these beautiful days? I hope all of you will enjoying these beautiful days of your life. As I always here to show you...
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