#Tip 1: Make sure you wash your face twice a day with clean water and don’t put harsh chemicals onto your skin.

#Tip 2: Always use a clean towel and pat your skin dry.

#Tip 3: Exfoliate your skin.

#Tip 4: Use toners. While not necessary but for oily skin people toners can be a great help.

#Tip 5: Moisturize your skin properly.

#Tip 6: The most important tip is following a healthy diet.

#Tip 7: Hydrate your skin, drink a lot of water during the day to keep removing wastes and oils from your face.

#Tip 8: Moisturise your lips too. Use a lip balm of your choice.

#Tip 9: Remember to keep facial hairs like eyebrows, upper lip, chin clean and trimmed.

#Tip 10: Don’t forget the sunscreen. Use at least SPF 20 for best results. It’s essential that you protect your face from harmful radiation. Use a good sunscreen

#Tip 11: Don’t use harsh chemical products on your face. Use organic products only.


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