The stripes are the world’s most popular print and probably the hottest print for summer wearing. Besides floral and Aztec, the stripes are most loveable and wearing print in the summer. They are good for making a statement and not too hard to style them with other combos. Therefore, today I decided to update you on this beautiful and popular print so you may look like a real fashion diva. Because summer is a perfect time to wear stripes and look beautiful.

The stripes are available in various colors but the nautical stripes always add a dose of understated elegance to your dress, whether you are wearing any type of outfit. When you will pair them with the right prints, stripes will really enhance your body and figure and will keep you looking up to date. I would like to recommend you that when you are going to match any other print with the stripes or going to make any combo, you have to be very careful because you can easily overdo. You can find any piece of clothes with this elegance print and can make amazing combos.

About the stripes, you should keep in mind that striped jeans and trousers will make your legs look long and add a dose of playfulness to your dress. While the striped blouse can add a volume to your upper body. Anyhow, a nautical striped dress is a great wardrobe piece for the hot days. You can add some colorful accessories and a summer hat to complete your look. When you are going to wear you should always choose one print matched with another solid monochromatic piece.

You can choose any piece of clothes with this dramatic print and can look amazing. There are many eye-catching prints and you can pick any one of them but not all girls are brave to go out with such designs and prints. If you want to follow this fashion trend you have many other options. for example, you can go with a simple to make a combo with a striped skirt or shorts. You can also choose a comfy striped blouse or top and can wear it with your jeans. pants or denim skirts or shorts can also be worn with them. Many matching sets are IN and you can style them with your simple beautiful sandals and can add some accessories for a more glam look.

So my lovely fashion divas! How did you like this post and ways to wear stripes? Stripes are much better than a plain because these are neutral, seasonless and versatile and durable too. So it would not be difficult to choose any combo for you this summer. All of these outfits are amazing, which one did you like best? Which one is going to wear this summer? I would really love to know your opinions. Thanks for reading this article and staying with us. Please stay up to date with us!


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