While rules often help us do things the right way, it is also true that a lot of them are made to be broken. When it comes to fashion, breaking the so-called restrictive rules can do wonders for you. While trends dictate the dos and don’ts in the fashion world, certain stereotypes need to be broken simply because they’re no longer relevant.

Women who love fashion and want to embrace it in all its goodness, this post is for you. Mentioned ahead are some “rules” that need to be ignored in order to add a breath of fresh air to women’s fashion choices.

Avoid Mixing Patterns

Avoid Mixing Patterns

A lot of women are open to the idea of mixing patterns when dressing up but shy away from doing so because outdated rules forbid it. The good news is, you don’t need to adhere to this decree anymore, but you do need to put in some thought to make the mixing-and-matching of patterns work for you.

Choose garments in the same color family to ensure coherence in your outfit. Mix patterns in different hues of the same shade. Further, keep one element in your outfit minimal while going bold with the rest of it. For instance, wear pants or skirts in basic patterns like stripes or polka dots, and pair it with a blouse in a playful pattern. Remember, balance is key when mixing patterns.

Match Your Shoes with Your Bag and/or Belt

Match Your Shoes with Your Bag and belt

This age-old rule did hold true once upon a time, but no longer applies. Your shoes are a big style statement. Your shoes and bag or belt need not match as long as they coordinate well with each other and your outfit. Wearing red shoes with a bright yellow belt and a green bag may look out of sorts, but pairing gray footwear or bag with a black belt can make heads turn for the right reasons.

Not just colors, you can also mix materials. For instance, if you’re carrying a leather bag to work, you may or may not choose to wear leather shoes and belt to go with it. Wear suede boots if you prefer those. You need not to match everything perfectly. Just ensure that the colors don’t clash.

Wear Heels If You Want to Look Chic and Sharp

Wear Heels If You Want to Look Chic and Sharp

Gone are the days when one had to turn to pinch stilettos to look glamorous and well-dressed. Today, a plethora of options such as fancy flat sandals, kitten heels, ankle-high boots, sneakers, and more are easily available and look fashionably impressive when worn.

What’s more? These shoes can be worn to all sorts of occasions. Even weddings! Try pairing white sneakers with a frilly dress for your next outing. We guarantee that you’ll not only feel super comfortable but also look like a million bucks.

Stay Away from Double Denim

Stay Away from Double Denim

Wearing a denim shirt/jacket with jeans was considered a fashion blunder, and we don’t get why. In recent times, however, an increasing number of celebrities have been spotted in this combination.

The key to nailing the denim-on-denim look entails keeping the silhouettes consistent and the colors complementary. Consider pairing a dark denim jacket with jeans in the same color along with a light cotton shirt. You can also wear a chambray shirt with a pair of dark jeans or a dark denim jacket with white/beige jeans.

Don’t Combine Black with Brown and/or Navy

Don’t Combine Black with Brown

A lot of people actually willingly stick by this fashion rule, but fortunately, there are some amazing ways to pull off these combinations successfully. All you need to ensure is that the pairings look deliberate or intentional rather than random or accidental.

You can create a contrasting effect when wearing these colors at once. For example, wear earthy-brown shoes with a black suit, or a tan belt with a black blouse. If you love wearing your comfy brown loafers, try wearing them with a pair of black jeans.

Pairing black and navy isn’t hard either. Start by donning the basic black jeans with a navy button-up shirt or even a t-shirt. Get comfortable with this combination before experimenting further. You cannot go wrong with them!

Refrain from Wearing Ethnic Jewelry with Western Outfits

Refrain from Wearing Ethnic Jewelry with Western Outfits

Whether you choose traditional (and beautiful) African beaded jewelry to show off your fine taste or pick an elegant piece from a collection of stunning diamond Mangalsutra to reflect your marital status, you can surely pair it with Western outfits.

The key here is subtlety. More often than not, Western wear isn’t too elaborate, so don’t overcrowd your look with heavily embellished jewelry. Invest in ethnic pieces that are understated, while making a statement. Keep things simple for a well-balanced fashion-forward look.

Don’t Wear Black in Summer and White in Winter

Don’t Wear Black in Summer

If you think black looks great on you and feel like putting on that adorable little black dress in the summer months, feel free to do so. It is perfectly okay to wear black in the warmer months.

Similarly, anyone who says that wearing white after Labor Day is unacceptable is obviously clueless about the color making a definite comeback in the colder months. Think a crisp well-fitting pair of white jeans – now that sounds like a wardrobe staple fit to be worn all year round with a variety of tops. If the little black dress isn’t your thing, get a white one and make an impressive statement in the summer season!

Wear Either Earrings or a Necklace, Never Both

Wear Either Earrings or a Necklace

This rule belongs to the Stone Age because modern fashion lauds multilayered jewelry pieces like necklaces, even when worn with earrings. The trick to making this work for you involves focusing on the relevance (rather than the number) of every jewelry item you choose.

For instance, wearing chandelier earrings and a heavy diamond-encrusted necklace is unsuitable to be worn to the park or to the movies. On the other hand, simple hoop earrings worn along with several small pendants in delicate chains will be perfect for such an occasion. In fact, you can throw in an understated bracelet into the mix too!

Fashion is all about being creative and expressing yourself. Don’t let archaic and impertinent “rules” hold you back from trying out new styles. Treat them like myths. Be confident in your skin and you’re sure to rock any fashion trend you follow. Begin by ignoring the above mentioned obsolete ones and you’re sure to be bestowed with appreciation and attention for flaunting your personal style.


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