Weddings are fun. The vibrant colors, the energy in the air with family and friends all around to rejoice and cherish the wonderful union of two people is just ecstatic. When it comes to a wedding, of course, the theme and the attires that go with it matters. It is okay to want everything to revolve around you as a bride because all eyes are going to be on you.

While party dresses for women along with various styles of makeup to create some exciting looks can help you get through the initial festivities, the final bridal look always matters. Millennials are striving to create exciting and unique looks that are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. One of the trends that have taken the wedding industry by storm is the vintage bride look. Bringing back the elegance, class and flawless beauty from the late 1800s, 1920s, and 1940s these styles aim to relish the everlasting beauty of this timeless fashion. If you are looking to create this captivating bridal look then here are 5 important tips to keep in mind.

vintage bridal look


Know what the key components for creating the vintage look are:

What actually constitutes the vintage look is practically the first thing you need to know. This way you can choose the features that you would like to include in your look. As a vintage bride, you have the choice between a very subtle tone or vintage inspired aspects to reflect in your style or go all the way vintage. So choose which style you want and then embed components that are appropriate for the style. You can start with an elegant vintage-inspired dress and go on with the make-up, accessories etc, as you wish. This would be a way of creating an inspired look whereas if you want to create a complete vintage creation you can pick beautiful outfits from the past.

Choose the era for you:

Vintage is a collective term that includes fashion from multiple time periods such as the 1800s, 1920s or even 1950s. Each of these time periods place before small yet beautiful fashion inspiration that is unique and characteristic to them. So make a choice and stick to one defined style or design era. For example, you can go for the Victorian era characterized by the pearls, corsets and graceful updos. The 1930s fills its style with curled hair, silk column dresses and nipped waist whereas the 1960s is all about recreating Audrey Hepburn from our favorite Breakfast at Tiffany`s. Crossing multiple looks together may not always create a beautiful overall look, so pick your side.

Dress comes first:

The wedding dress is the most important part of creating the perfect look on your wedding day. It is also the most elegant way to bring in the vintage style to your look. Always begin by choosing your dress and then go for choosing accessories and makeup to compliment the vibe your dress gives. There are multiple variations of vintage styles available given they could be the old Hollywood glamour or the flapper look of the 20s. So explore all the options available and choose a style that compliments your body well. Look for details such as the neckline, material of the dress, the color, and the finish to figure out the right dress for you. Lace has a huge role play when it comes to creating the vintage look. So decide how you want to include it, through your extravagantly puffy dress or through your accessories. You can also go for lace veils or styles such as the Juliet cap veil that emit a fabulous vintage vibe with ease. You can also borrow a gorgeous veil from your mother or aunt and pair with a fresh dress and add a beautiful touch of vintage to a modern bride look. Many bridal clothing styles can be easily found on the internet.

vintage bride look

Accessories that recreate the vintage vision:

The right jewelry can make all the difference in your look. Your accessories need to compliment the style of your dress well and should not become an over-do. Also the style, material, and designs of these accessories are yet another way of incorporating the vintage touch to your bridal look. Your earrings should stand statement and make sure your hairdo does not cover it. Your dress neckline will determine the right piece for your neck and other accessories that might be necessary. Halter necks or high neck go well when paired either simply with a drop earring or with a thick band of neck jewelry. But if your dress has a low neck cut or is off-shoulder then a small pendant would make a beautiful choice. For V-necks, you can choose a beautiful necklace piece. Pearls are the authentic vintage material that when used well in your accessories can be dazzling. The Victorian era brimmed with nature-inspired designs that were lavish and extravagant and decorated intricately with pearls. These antique styles, when used smartly, can help sew in the perfect look. You can also go for exotic designs with precious metals such as gold, silver or stones such as diamonds for getting a lavish bridal experience.

Crafting the perfect makeup and hairdo:

Makeup and hairdo also play a key role in bringing out the vintage vibes. From the choice of shades in your lip color to including the beautiful curls through your hairdo, these simple characteristic styles are lovely to add to your final look. Start by picking a gorgeous vintage red to flaunt on your lips. Go for the Audrey Hepburn eyebrow style and tease with a beautifully winged liner. Your eyes should be softly crafted with neutral or natural tones to shift the emphasis to your bold and bright lips. The vintage era also has some lovely hairdo inspirations that will win time with its outrageous elegance. The flapper finger wave is an all-time favorite look that is perfect for short hair. Apart from these are pin curls and Victoria roll are a lovely choice for medium hair length. The 1960s beehive is also a gorgeous hairdo to match your eternally classy dress. You can complete the look with lovely lace or pearl accessories or keep it minimalistic with small flowers.

The right places to buy

If you are going for the complete vintage look then digging into your mom’s closet is the right way to go about. Revamp mesmerizing dresses from this time and work on them to make a wonderful wedding attire for you. There are antique markets and vintage shops you will have to parade to gather everything you need to create the fantastic vintage bride look you dream of. While at it get some pretty gym heart leggings too, well they won’t give you a vintage look but they’ll surely motivate you to keep fit.



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