Skincare is one of the most important things for anyone and this is why people have a lot of questions in their mind regarding a variety of topics. All these questions are important to be answered but you will get a hard time receiving them or find them on the internet. So, today in this article we will clear up 10 of the most common Anti-aging questions that you might not have a solution of. Also, we will offer you the best and commercial solution to the problem.

1. What triggers Anti-aging?

This answer will contain a lot of things that can cause Anti-Aging at a young age. Factors like Psychological stress, Unhealthy diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, an excess of exposure to the UV radiation from the sunlight and nicotine. While most of the factors require major dieting and consumption measures, you can reduce the UV radiation effect with an SPF rich cream such as Zootox’s 30+ SPF day cream.

2. Is Eye cream any good?

One of the most common things that we ignore is our dark circles and spots, but to reduce the puffiness around your eyes, you can use an eye cream as they are pretty effective.

3. How long an anti-aging cream does take to show effects?

It totally depends on the skin type and age group of yours. Although for any visible difference a regular use of Anti-aging cream for almost 2 weeks is mandatory. Despite the instant effectiveness, the visible effects will not come any time before 2 weeks.

4. How to come over wrinkles and pollution?

A hectic lifestyle is one of the major reasons for wrinkles at an early age. Also, factors like dust and pollution take a very hard hit on the quality of your facial skin. So, to keep your skin healthy and young, you can use cream and moisturizer with Q10 compound.

5. How to make skin look younger at an old age?

There is a long list of theories regarding old age and skin issues. But, most of them are myths and misconceptions. So, if you are looking for a solution to look younger at an old age, products like stem cell filler are very effective. They help to scrape off the dead skin cell and promotes fresh and young skin.

6. Does stress take a toll on the skin’s look?

Stress is one of the most common factors that affect the fluffiness of our skin. To make sure that your skin looks bright and beautiful, try to use cosmetic products that promote collagen.

7. How important vitamins are for healthy skin?

Vitamins come under the head of essentials when it comes to skin care and similar factors. Vitamin E and B5 are the base of smooth and fluffy skin. So, if you lack a good diet, beauty products like VitaC by Zootaxa is a great choice.

8. Are SOY extracts the best for skin?

Just like any other compound, SOY extract is not complete in itself. But, the fact that it offers great benefits is completely true. SOY extracts boost the collagen production and keep the hyaluronic acid in check. This type of compound is found in Anti-aging day cream.

9. Is there a specific age when we can start using Anti-aging creams?

As for the recommended age, any user should be over 25 years of age. People use these products at a very young age. So, it is advised to use these products nothing before you reach 25. Also, the factor of skin type is very essential as a wrong product can cause a lot of skin related problems.

10. How long does an Anti-aging cream take to get absorbed into the skin?

Anti-aging cream is made while keeping in mind the hectic lifestyle of ours. This means that they are travel-friendly and are easy to absorb by the skin. So, you can use them whenever you want without wasting 5 minutes rubbing your face.


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